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TECHBOND® Manufacturing Sdn Bhd has acquired a solid reputation in superior-quality woodworking adhesive products. What started originally in 1990 as a trading company, Techbond grew to become one of the best manufacturing companies in Malaysia by 1995.
TECHBOND® concentrates its activities in the pursuit of creating woodworking adhesives that add value to products manufactured and sold worldwide. From its high tech manufactured facility in Malaysia, Techbond has turned the production of adhesive into a high-quality product material that is water resistant, consistent in texture and use. Using revolutionary technology, Techbond Manufacturing has succeeded in creating products that have even passed the stringent D4 standards in Germany.

TECHBOND® is a reputable manufacturer of adhesive products. TECHBOND® uses advanced and revolutionary technology to produce high quality adhesives that suit to stringent applications.

TECHBOND® started as a trading company in year 1990, then grown to become a full-fiedged adhesives manufacturer producing adhesive for woodworking, packaging, stationary, food & beverage, automotive, building & construction and other niche market. TECHBOND® products are accepted and distributed worldwide, as it meets international standard requirement.


Our Vision
To become a world class manufacturer of high quality adhesive products for various applications.

Our Mission
To deliver adhesive products that are of exceptional value and quality that suits the needs of global customers. Our commitment towards high standard and high technology is instrumental in accomplishing this mission. By leveraging on proprietary technology and manufacturing expertise, we aspire to become a dominant force in the world of adhesives.

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